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Julia Sea

The drafts that I serialize here are just that- drafts. There may be some grammar/punctuation errors, and some of the content may change by the time it reaches final publication. So long as that will not bother you, read to your heart's content.

Emily R Bellas

Cover Reveals, Sneak Peeks, Secret Chapters and MORE... Everything You Want From New Indie Author, Emily R Bellas

Krystal Garrett

Horror and Thriller writer. Avid reader of fantasy to romance to Horror.

Georgia Writers

Thoughts on writing & the writing life from Georgia Writers' writers-in-residence.

Louise Walters

reading, writing, editing, and indie publishing

Russell Nohelty

This publication sits at the intersection of craft and commerce, helping writers build more sustainable businesses that allow them to thrive while creating work that lights them up inside. We strive to give authors agency in a world that too often seems intent on stripping it away from them.



Just Eva

My Mother's Daughter | A Creative Non Fiction Series...kinda

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