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Rachel Adams is a Southern Girl (meaning the Southern United States) who grew up in the “Bible Belt.” She began writing at around the age of 11. Rachel’s escapism as a child grew her imagination and her spirit. Her writing grew from an exploration of the culture and the hidden nuances of that culture.

As a GenXer, her original writing was done in notebooks and on an old-fashioned typewriter. This was before the internet existed. Though most of that writing was destroyed, Rachel did not stop. She wrote stories about places and people around her, fictionalizing as she did. Her characters are often entangled and downtrodden by their place in life, yet willing to reach forward and either adapt to survive or find hope and strength to keep moving. She loves collaborative writing, and many of her works are co-authored with partners who share her passion for deep character development.

Rachel loves cooking, eating, coffee, gaming, photography, squirrels & Guinness. She’s a homebody but also loves traveling and working from remote locations. She may seem like an extrovert at times but admits to being an introvert that has to recharge her “social batteries” often.

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