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Elizabeth J.


Hi. I'm Liz J Carter and I am an children's author, illustrator, and production artist who is addicted to brownies, blondies, and cowboy cookies. I enjoy playing Minecraft, time with loved ones, and light saber battles with my nephew. Among my favorite things are storytelling and character driven adventures whether they're through a television series, film, book, or video game.

Aside from children's stories, I also write scifantasy - fantasy with a pinch of science fiction. L'Truishus: Harbinger will be my first published project in that genre.

Author Links

More Links are coming soon. If you recall the Index with all the features, sorts, and links of 2021, that is coming back soon, but better! 
Thank you all for your patience as we get Bookend Lane & The Indie Index to where we need it to be. 


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