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You Are Not Alone




Children and adults alike often feel alone in this world, like no one knows who they are or what we they going through. This book explores why this is not the case by examining, in a kid friendly way, questions like: Can we fit under more than one label? If we are sporty, can we be artsy too? Are we really as alone as we think?Come on the adventure and follow the story of students at Hope Valley Elementary as they discover answers to these important questions. You will also meet Fred, who is struggling with his mental health when he finds a way to bring everyone in the school together. He inspires those around him to learn more about each other and accept one another as they are.From the back of the book:Fred used to love his life at Hope Valley Elementary but then his mom got sick and he felt like he was stuck in a dark hole with no escape. He stopped talking to his friends, he felt alone. All that changed on the day he received the gift of one small wooden bead. A bead that turns the entire school on it's head and shows Fred that maybe he wasn't really alone after all.

You Are Not Alone
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