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Wiped Out: Murder is a Beach




Murder is a beach!
Fraya Taylor is done with the drama of life on the mainland. She’s carved out a new magical black girl life for herself in Kailua, Hawaii, writing novels, talking story with her bestie, and soaking up the sun.

But sometimes life has other plans.

When a scream splits the air one morning, Fraya runs toward the sound—and what she finds there catapults her into the dangerous world of pro-surfing, where money rules and taking risks is required.

No more sipping cold brew on the beach. Now Fraya’s life is in the balance. And if she and her zany writing group can’t catch the killer, she might totally wipe out.

Wiped Out is a cozy mystery novella set in paradise the first in the Beach Bound Cozy Mystery series. You’ll love it because friends and family are just as important as solving murders. Buy or borrow today!

Fraya Taylor moved to Hawai'i to get away from the drama of her hometown and to start fresh. With her zany writing group and her best friend, she's carved ou

Wiped Out: Murder is a Beach
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