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Wild Spirit: The Last Hickory



Young Adult

Summer is over for Win, and now she has to face up to the life-changing events that took place in the woods. All while mourning the loss of her grandfather and the boy she loved, Grayson Riley. Along with her best friends and family, she has to learn to cope with her new body, a strange new life she could never have imagined.
Life as a Therian shifter is complicated enough. But when Win and Luke discover a dead body buried on the Hickory grounds, fingers point in their direction, and a murder investigation begins. Could the Hickory legends be true? Or is there another monster lurking in Cedar Wood, intent on bringing the Hickory family to its knees?
As the family alpha, Rowan struggles to fill John’s shoes, frantically searching for their missing mother, the falcon, and trying to keep Win safe from harm. Fighting with her conscience, Rowan is driven to keep secrets from Win, knowing she will hurt her, meanwhile giving all her trust and heart to the one person who is hiding a terrible truth and a dark, sinister past.
Win is determined to find the monster behind the killings, but the person she holds most dear, Luke, is changing before her eyes, growing sick and frail. Losing him, too, could push her to breaking point.
The key to saving her best friend, it seems, lies dormant inside her, a dark, buried power that lies in her past, and Win must discover the secret before she loses someone else she loves.

The Last Hickory is the third, heart-breaking, thrilling book in the Wild Spirit Series. Love, betrayal, lies, and a terrible secret pushes this installment of the Wild Spirit saga to its heart-wrenching conclusion, as Win is faced with the ultimate test, and risks losing those she loves.

Wild Spirit: The Last Hickory
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