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When Wicked Runs West



Young Adult

Far away, in a world very different from our own, exists a magical signpost that points in four different directions. When one arrives at the crossroad, a very important decision must be made--- which direction to choose.

West goes to Wonderland.

East points to Oz.

South leads to Neverland.

North has been sealed away.

Book one of the When Wicked Series, follows titular characters Alice Liddell, Peter Pan, and Dorothy Gale west of the signpost into the depths of Wonderland. What does it mean to be Wicked or Good in a world where a cup of tea drives you insane, and moral compasses can be worn around your neck?

In this twisted retelling of three classic tales, Alice and Dorothy, each desperately searching for a way back to their own world, with conflicting interests, find their paths entangling in unforeseen ways. One battles her head, while the other is battling her heart. With logic, friendship, and morality on the line, they both must try not to lose themselves along the way.

A thrilling and ominous tale of Wicked witches, murder, a mischievous flying boy with a vested interest, mad tea parties, and conspiracies, the When Wicked Series is a version of Peter Pan, The Wizard of Oz, and Alice’s Adventures in Wonderland you’ve never read before.

When Wicked Runs West
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