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When Wicked Runs East



Young Adult

The magical signpost, in an alternate world, points in four different directions. Which direction will be chosen next?

West goes to Wonderland.

East points to Oz.

South leads to Neverland.

North has been sealed away.

Based loosely on The Wizard of Oz series, Alice’s Adventures in Wonderland, and Peter Pan, in book two of the When Wicked Series, the adventure picks up to the east. What does it mean to be Wicked or Good in a world where the essence of life is a bottled powder, and truth is immortalized in bubbles?

East of the signpost, tear through Oz with Dorothy Gale as she flees for her life, and confronts the chaos she's unleashed within herself— and Oz in her wake. In parallel, Alice Liddell follows the trail of calamity in her relentless search for Dorothy and her magical shoes, no matter the cost, leading her into a web of insidious secrets and conspiracies. Meanwhile, Peter Pan must decide whether to follow Alice into Oz and face the untold darkness of his past, and its consequences. With death and moral manipulation on the line, he just may have to save a Wicked witch from herself, and somehow not compromise himself along the way.

A spellbinding continuation of unbridled chaos, unlikely alliances, lost memories, forgotten friends, the complexities of navigating unresolved emotions, and a Wizard of suspicious nature, When Wicked Runs East is the twisted retelling sequel you need to read.

When Wicked Runs East
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