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We Have Shadows Too

Nicole T.


Young Adult
Something Else

We all keep secrets. What have you hidden from yourself?

Memories are never entirely silent. They murmur in your cells, shadow the mind, and knock at the door.
Rella Cooper is a thirty-eight-year-old successful architect with a bright future. She's a sensitive soul with a youthful spirit, who still wears braids in her hair. Establishing a life in sunny southern California, she's left behind the shadows of where she grew up. But whispers rustle in the recesses of her mind. Confronted with the truth about her mother's abusive childhood, her sister raises the possibility that perhaps something happened to Rella, too. Refusing to believe she could have blocked out memories, and against her better judgement, Rella visits a practitioner, where shocking information is revealed. Completely destabilized, Rella's sanity spirals out of control. In an attempt to regain the life she once knew, Rella seeks out help, only to be hit with a staggering revelation which will change how she looks at herself, and the world, forever.

Explore the psychological layers of the human mind.

Is it better to live in the shadows? Or with a truth you can't share?

We Have Shadows Too
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