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Vessel (Love and Dark Book 1)

Becca C.


Young Adult

Shea Harper is starting college with her best friend, Aidan. She calls him her spirit-twin because they were born at exactly the same time. He’s never left her side. But when she meets the enigmatic and ego-centric vampire, Lucian, that all changes. He wants her. And Aidan wants to keep her from him. Aidan isn’t just jealous; it’s his duty to protect her. Shea is a Vessel. As much as Aidan is sworn to protect the light within her, Lucian is sworn to drag the Vessel to the depths of hell to release his father, Caelius, from his Enochian prison. At their cores, Lucian and Shea are darkness and light and should never find common ground. But forces beyond their control tie them together, and neither one of them can fight their true destiny… . That they are bound to each other forever. Shea chapters written by Becca C. Smith. Lucian chapters written by Hina McCord.

Vessel (Love and Dark Book 1)

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