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He rolls off, and I lay limp as a rag doll, spent and satisfied, unable to move from the exertion. He takes a deep breath and pulls me against him to spoon. Tangled and unwilling to move, savoring the moment of raw togetherness, our breathing syncs to deep even puffs as we fall asleep. Complete in each other.

Having consummated his sexual obsession with the blonde bombshell, Maximus Aurelius Moore remains dominated by his dark desire for the sassy, sexy Siri Wright. Enthralled by her southern charm, his emotions deepen.

Pushing beyond boundaries, challenging the bonds of breath, the two explore their newfound passion as he slowly introduces her to his complex life as the heir to an Italian Dynasty.

With the reality that there are many women who do not want to be pushed into his past, Aurei reluctantly confesses his darkest secret, forcing Siri to make the most important decision of her life. She must decide if he is too damaged.

Will their love survive?

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