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Beauty is power in the barren wasteland of an apocalypse.

None is more beautiful than the young half-elf known as Bram. He loves shiny things and his glorious savior, Diajik. Together they live the decadent life of Kwaihir, pleasure slaves, the most valuable class of men. Bram thought he had left his dark past and the apocalypse behind him for this new world of wealth and beauty that dazzles him.

Bram finds that he cannot hide his destiny under glamour and glitz anymore than he can hide his forbidden love for Diajik. The demons from Bram’s past are not impressed with glitter or gems. They know he is key to stopping the apocalypse and they will stop at nothing to destroy Bram and his terrifying magic.

When the darkness comes for them, will Bram be able to stall the apocalypse and save those he loves?

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