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Nadia M.



Simone Tyler left behind one life to embrace another. She checks all the boxes that one must to be revered in a place as drunk with fame and vanity as L.A. and she’s certainly paid her dues. She’s beautiful, a successful fashion designer and boutique owner, and she’s poised to marry one of Hollywood’s hunkiest up-and-coming actors, Pierce Dandrick. But every fairy tale has its dark side. When her future mother-in-law, Violet, approaches her on her wedding day with an offer to quietly bow out of Pierce’s life or risk the whole world knowing her secret, Simone quickly exits her wedding stage left. With her secret intact, she attempts to return to the life that she’s become accustomed, but her secret leaks anyway and sets into motion a series of events that leaves her questioning who she can trust and who just wants to see her fall flat on her face? With the appearance via text of a person only known to Simone as “a friend”, she soon finds out that she is not the only one who has skeletons to keep. Her friend slowly and meticulously begins to pull apart the empire that Violet is building with Pierce while reassuring Simone that she is just a casualty of war. But can this friend be trusted, or is Simone simply just another pawn in their twisted game of chess? Suddenly faced with the reality of her shattered life, she returns to the very place that she has avoided like the plague and begins to question everything that she’s held dear. Revisiting events-past and present-that have shaped her into the woman she’s become, she discovers the importance of really knowing who you are and standing in your truth no matter the circumstances going on around you. As she begins to reassemble the broken pieces of her life she also determines that the life she’s been running away from is exactly what she needs to move forward. As things with the mysterious friend escalates and the curtain is pulled back, Simone quickly realizes that nothing is what it seems. Unmasked and faced with a new reality, she must remember what it means to be Simone Tyler, and why she started her journey in the first place?


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