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To Ilaris, In Desperation




Mercury’s journey continues in this action-packed sequel to To Astera, With Love.

Astera is over. Mercury has his life and his powers but that doesn’t mean he’s safe.

Violence against witches continues. Anyone with magic must wear a dog tag identifying themself as a witch. Practicing magic in public is now illegal.

Then there’s Kinheld, a plot of land that the Witches’ Council plans to develop in its own image. While some witches feel Kinheld could be a safe haven, Mercury knows that this separate but equal treatment won’t benefit anyone.

So he takes his concerns to the streets, leading a handful of protests across L.A. But just as this movement gains national recognition, Mercury’s world is turned upside down after receiving a powerful threat.

As he struggles to do the right thing, Mercury learns a shocking truth that could change everything. Can he rise up and fight, or will the political machinations of witches and vampires alike stop the movement for good?

[TW: Police violence, death, depression, anxiety, feelings of self-loathing, drug use]

To Ilaris, In Desperation
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