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They Stay



Young Adult

There’s no way she’s going to believe in ghosts. But when her sibling is kidnapped, the only clues she has come from the other side…
Shiloh Oleson loves her six-year-old brother more than life. So the headstrong teen’s world shatters when he goes missing after tee-ball practice and her abusive father gives up the search. But the devastated girl doesn’t know what to think when a weirdo classmate claims a dead spirit told her his location.

Outright rejecting any paranormal garbage, Shiloh and her friends frantically investigate a similar disappearance in the hope of uncovering the truth. But all the desperate teenager unearths are disturbing secrets about her family, the school… and a sinister force on her tail.

Can the determined young woman bring the little boy home before all hell breaks loose?

They Stay is the first book in the bone-chilling They Stay YA supernatural thriller series. If you like relatable characters, unearthly mayhem, and endings that leave you wanting more, then you’ll love Claire Fraise’s spine-tingling story.

Content warning: Contains scenes of physical and mental abuse, alcoholism, and abduction.

They Stay
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