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The Uprisers



Science Fiction

The elimination of Earth’s excess water was crucial to building a better world, providing access to real estate and raw materials. For a thousand years, the ejected ice remained safely stored in Tion’s orbit, and the human population soared.

Mike has a licence to move tourists through Tion’s spheres, despite new restrictions in the movement of people and data. His latest clients know nothing of his previous life and relationship to Pazel, or of the voice from his past, tempting him to return.

When Mike discovers scattered communities across Tion’s exposed surface, he knows he must confront Pazel. As they descend into the Depths and beyond, the crisis facing Tion becomes clear: the oceanic ice starts to bombard the world. Their journey becomes one of survival, not just theirs, but for hundreds of thousands of billions of consumers.

The Uprisers follows desperate people as they are forced to leave the safety of their connected lives behind and rise up toward the surface of Tion.

The Uprisers
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