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The Severed and the Hunted (Hexsphere Chronicles Book 1)

Becca C.


Young Adult

Magic is real. Those immune to its effects, known as Dis-cons, are considered extremely dangerous threats to society. They are hunted down and killed by an elite terrorist organization known only as Trackers.

Ella is a Dis-con. She’s spent her entire life trying to hide and fool the world around her, pretending she has magic. But when a Tracker finally discovers what she truly is, Ella knows she has to take action—

—but she needs help.

And there’s no one more motivated than Wren. Her mother was also a Dis-con—murdered by Trackers. Ever since that day, Wren’s mission has been to kill every last one of them. When she discovers Ella and her similarities to her mother, the two girls join forces, vowing to take down the Trackers at any cost.

The Severed and the Hunted (Hexsphere Chronicles Book 1)

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