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The Prince of Ice and Snow




Kingdoms at war for many years,

Will be bloody, violent and bring man to tears.

But the end will be near,

And peace will beat fear.

After the loss of a prince, and a babe born for every province.

Since her brother went missing in the war, Deirdre, a princess from the human kingdom of Clearryville, wants to avoid an arranged marriage at all costs.

Cillian, a dark fae prince from the kingdom of Geamhradh, is venturing on his own, trying to find a way to end the war where his kingdom would become victorious.

As Cillian crashes the Clearryville ball where Deirdre is to be chosen a husband, he promises he will take her to her brother to avoid being forced to wed and to end this war once and for all. But as their journey begins, they have to go through obstacles as secrets and lies are revealed with everything leading to a prophecy. And this includes the forbidden love they have growing for one another.

The Prince of Ice and Snow
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