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The Pirate Cabal



Young Adult

Here be pirates! … Oh, and here be Dragons!
And then there were less pirates.

When a young soldier comes to beg help from Thundersong and Queen Azania to rescue his sister, snatched by pirates, the scent of adventure proves irresistible. Hoicking the lad up by his bootlaces, they promptly set off in pursuit of ye foul brigands.

Never mind that the King will have a Dragon’s guts for whisking his very pregnant wife off across the Lumis Ocean. Minor detail.

A rollicking adventure unfolds as the young lady in question proves unexpectedly elusive. Many dangers threaten out in the open ocean, from a hypnotic foe to a volcanic eruption, never mind the actual pirates.

Negotiating these perils with their usual zany brand of creativity and humour is one challenge. Coming back alive, quite another.

A Call Me Dragon Novella
Join a spirited Princess and her artistic Dragon in an all-new adventure as they beard the pirates in their lair and uncover many new secrets. This complete adventure takes place not long after the conclusion of Book 3: Thunder o Dragon.

The Pirate Cabal
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