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The Opposite of Magic




Emily Daggett’s childhood dream of finding a wizard just came true—fifteen years late and in the entirely wrong way.

Alexander Hartgrave is a thirty-year-old IT worker instead of a proper silver-haired mage, and they dislike each other the minute they meet.

And OK, maybe he starts to grow on her—like mold, sarcastic and weirdly attractive mold—but he's annoyingly resistant to the idea that he ought to be teaching her magic and ushering her on an adventure.

She’ll get one out of him if it's the last thing she does.

That couldn't go entirely wrong, could it?

The Opposite of Magic is a standalone romantic fantasy that appeals to fans of enemies to lovers, hidden magic, odd basements and being careful what you wish for. If you’re a reader who prefers to know some content details upfront, scroll down to the author biography for a link to that information.

The Opposite of Magic

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