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The Master of Night




Lauren Strauss has faced a treacherous enemy and lived to tell the tale.

Though still recovering from that harrowing experience, she is getting used to her new life on another world. Just as she begins to accept what had happened, strange events take root at the Bhrean palace. If she does not help, her closest friend and new way of life are in danger.

Val Dolan grapples with his birthright. He never asked for it, yet to neglect his duty is to bring the downfall of a kingdom. When he discovers odd behavior in the palace staff, he knows that if he does nothing to fix the situation, danger and chaos are the only outcomes. Lauren, a night warrior and his friend, is his only hope to restore order. But can he help his people without abandoning his duty?

Lauren and Val must figure out what is affecting people around the Desera Suskem and how to heal them--before it is too late.

The Master of Night
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