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The Hub



Science Fiction

"Desperation fuels resistance. Hope sparks rebellion."

After foiling the plot behind the tunnel explosions, Flit and Scraps settle back into everyday life. For a short time, things get back to normal in the Underground. However, a surprising discovery and revelations about the weapon Flit found raise concerns within the Intelligence department. In hopes to get more information about the Government's plans, Flit and Scraps are sent to the Hub to investigate.

As they settle into their undercover identities, Flit and Scraps finally have a chance to make a difference. With a bit of extra-curricular snooping and trademark rule-breaking, the pair uncover tantalizing leads, make interesting new friends, and become embroiled in an incendiary plot to disrupt the Government's rule, right in the heart of its own capital city.

The Hub

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