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The House That Fear Built



Young Adult

Love is a many splendored thing at lovely, abandoned Hillard House. Come in. Sit a spell. Chat with your host, long dead Mrs. Doris Marie Hillard. And take some time to kill your beloved. In fact, she insists on it.

Sixteen-year-old Mina Wright knew she shouldn’t have been in the car with her best friend, Julie, Julie’s boyfriend, Justin, and his blunt friend, Adam, late one fall night heading toward town haunted legend, Hillard House. But Julie had insisted Mina go with them, so she went. By the end of the night, Julie is dead, and Justin is charged with the murder.

Only her boyfriend didn’t do it. He was possessed by the black widow of Hillard House, Doris Marie Hillard, who fights boredom by possessing one person in love to kill the person he (or she) loves. It’s a fun game to her, a game that will cost more lives if she’s not stopped.

Mina learns that Julie’s ghost is stuck in the house and vows to get her out. After all, no one loves Mina. No one will be possessed to kill her in the house. Little does she know, when she steps inside with Adam, her life is in serious danger.

The House That Fear Built
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