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The Healer's Love

Kierra L



She has no voice...A dutiful daughter, Iyanda Bankole follows the Igbalaian tradition to the letter, even pursuing the calling of traditional healing on the small island. But when her fiancé returns ready to set the date and give her the position of doting housewife, she readies herself for the domestic placebo being forced down her throat. Affluent bachelor Emiliano Petty returns to Igbala to claim his birthright, his father's Council seat, only to find another is being considered for the position. To top it all off, his shameless mother and former fiancée are coveting for the monetary inheritance that has been left for him. Having tasted enough bad medicine, his heart wasn’t prepared for the much needed antidote Iyanda had to offer.On the island of Igbala, rebellion starts in the heart...Even though an arrogant fiancé and buried secrets threaten their love, Iyanda and Emiliano can't deny their attraction for each other. When tragedy strikes, they must overcome her silence and his bitter wounds before she is forced to say 'I do'.

The Healer's Love
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