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The Fadian Escape




Despite the revelations of the Fadian Experiment, the power structure of Obeh City remains unchanged. However, Egoly‘s situation has gone from bad to worse and along the way, he’s betrayed the one person who trusted and respected him, Kaleigha. When his former captors offer the opportunity to correct his mistakes, he accepts the mission without hesitation.
His new handlers don’t take well to this sudden disloyalty and Egoly finds himself fighting a war on three fronts. Faced with a defeat that will see him imprisoned with Kaleigha, Egoly seeks an alliance with his oldest enemy.
Egoly must stop hiding behind the others’ powers so that he and Kaleigha are free to leave Obeh City. Will he make his choice before they are both re-enslaved or worse, obliterated?

The Fadian Escape
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