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The Accidental World



Young Adult

If my return is delayed, then you are in danger. Set your plan into motion. Appropriate dress is required . . .Ethan Scott lives with his grandfather above Bingham’s Rare Artifacts, an unusual store with even more unusual customers. He’s a whiz at a board game only he and his grandfather seem to have heard of. And rather than friends, he surrounds himself with the trappings of an unknown past. Until his grandfather goes missing . . . leaving behind a cryptic letter, a valuable gift, and a very confused grandson. To save him, Ethan must conquer time and space and embrace an unlikely destiny. But as he plays the part that seems to have been written for him, Ethan is swept up in his grandfather’s secret but not-so-distant past . . . and discovers that his own future is wrapped up in it. And when his lines run out, Ethan must choose between becoming the hero he was born to be or losing his grandfather forever. Unless he can find another way . . .The Accidental World is for all readers who understand there’s more to reality than meets the eye, who dream of another world just beyond reach, and who sometimes wish time ran a little bit differently.

The Accidental World
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