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Durriken is meant to save the world. His god wants him to destroy it.

Durriken grew up with hard labor, starvation, and a zealot’s belief in the harsh but benevolent god Isfeth. Then he finds himself in a horrible predicament. His jealous half-sister has sold him into the most profane slavery imaginable: the pleasure slave class known as Kwaihir. Worse yet, the infamous Lord of the Kwaihir, Diajik, now owns Durriken.

His zealous mother raised him to believe Diajik is a demon and the sworn enemy of Durriken’s god Isfeth; it horrifies Durriken to find out she was right on both counts. The crazy demon also seems to think Durriken was born the chosen savior of the world and will be the one to help Diajik destroy Isfeth

Will Durriken sort out the truth from the lies in time to save his world from utter destruction?

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