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Sweet Kisses



Short Fiction

Under the evening sky, standing in a starry blue dress, Mia Josephina Garcia thought the night of her sweet sixteen was ruined. Never would she have guessed the hot older rumored bad boy from school would find her crying in her party dress but fate turned that night around. A moment of magic that would linger in her memory with the older boy soon dissolved when he didn’t show up the next day.

Aiden Jackson had to grow up fast, but he’d endure the abuse as long as his younger half-brother was spared from the darkness of his father. On the night that would set the course for his life, Aiden didn’t think he’d get one last gift from the girl with the green doe-eyes–his Mia Luna.

It’s Mia’s twenty-first birthday and after the train wreck of her sweet sixteen, she stopped celebrating until her best friend and roommate Elise determines to rewrite history for all future birthdays to come. And a surprise party wasn’t the only unexpected thing to happen.

Aiden is back and he has a lot to set right, beginning with his little brother and the girl in the starry dress whose memory gave him peace and hope while he was gone. Unfortunately, that night, five years ago, closed the doors to Mia’s heart but Aiden is determined to show his Mia Luna he’s not going to be like everyone else. He’s going to stay. One sweet kiss at a time.

Can Mia let go of her fears and believe she deserves love?

Sweet Kisses is the second book in the Downtown in Love series. No cliffhangers, no cheating.

The Downtown In Love Series:
Just A Crush (Prequel Short Story available FREE on website)
Bookish About Love (Book 1)
Sweet Kisses (Book 2)
Cafe Romance (Book 3)

Sweet Kisses

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