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Surprise at the Door: Rivals to Lovers Romance



Short Fiction


Iowa is a blur in my rearview mirror. I’m leaving my parent’s dream of growing old in our small town life. Now I’m headed to Oregon to pursue my career as an RN. The problems start when I arrive at my new apartment to find it fully furnished and a man–a gorgeous man–grunting through push ups in my new living room.

He’s nothing like I expected, with his charm and willingness to help me out. A mix-up forces us to become roommates. I had no interest in sharing, and if I have my way, he will be out by the end of the month. Unfortunately, it looks like he feels the same way about me. Until an unexpected reminder of why I left Iowa shows up, expecting me to return.

Feelings rise to the surface and an innocent kiss changes everything.

Surprise at the Door is a 'rivals to lovers', ‘new in town’, forced proximity’ contemporary romance where the name of the game is chess, but the readers are the winners in this fun story of who can top who. Warning: No closed doors and lots of tension.

Surprise at the Door is the second book in The Neighbors series. No cliffhangers, no cheating.

The Neighbors Series:
When Love Comes Knocking
Surprise at the Door
Book 3 (coming soon)
Book 4 (coming soon)

Surprise at the Door: Rivals to Lovers Romance

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