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Shot at Forever



Short Fiction

Shelby might be southern, but a debutante she definitely isn’t.

Reed thought he was going out for a night on the town with his boy. What didn’t expect to find was the woman he had been lusting after half-naked and ready to knock someone out. His friend is excited that he might be able to get an introduction to the steaming hot blond, but Reed isn’t willing to share with anyone.

Shelby has her eye set on making it to a title fight, which means she has no time for romance. Yet there is something about Reed’s stubbornness that gets to her, along with his sexy eyes and kissable lips.

Reed is determined to prove that he is strong enough to be in her corner, despite how many times Shelby pushes him away. When an opportunity presents itself, Reed will risk losing her in order to have her, but will Shelby open her heart and take a shot at having not only a title but the love of her life?

Each book is a standalone but look out for other characters making a cameo. No cliffhangers. No cheating.

Business Lovers Series:
Spice of Love (Prequel Short Story available FREE on website)
Shot at Forever (Book 1)
Destination of Desire (Book 2)
Secret to Romance (Book 3)

Shot at Forever

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