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Shadow of the Spark (Mythic)



Science Fiction

Thousands of years after Ancient Earth,

Humanity has forgotten its past,

and is doomed to repeat it.

MYTHIC: For centuries, the last of humanity traveled the galaxy aboard a fleet of ARK ships searching for a new home. They warred amongst themselves, formed alliances, and eventually split off into factions. The peace-seekers that broke away found a ringed and moonless planet they renamed Gaia in homage to Ancient Earth, orbiting a star they renamed Sol.

They gifted Gaia a moon in the form of a giant space station called The Spark; built by combining their fourteen ARKs, ending their nomadic ways, and committing to their new home.

For three centuries, there was peace for the last of mankind.

The era of Peace is over. The age of Shadow has begun.


Newly-appointed Detective Migdalia Vandersey's first murder case was supposed to be open-and-shut. Wishful thinking.

Armed with the latest technology she unravels the mysteries of the victims, the killer, and The Spark itself. The complex web of crime and corruption entangles her professionally, and romantically, with a bounty hunter seeking redemption (Llyr Varyan) and a witch exploring the depths of her power (Faye Noelani).

At the center of all the sex, drugs, secrets, magic, and violence waits a prolific killer who hunts the streets with impunity. This murderer works to cover his tracks and stay ahead of Detective Vandersey, and her partners, as they race against the clock to stop him from taking his next victim, and tying off his final loose end.

Will the help of Llyr and Faye be enough, or will Migdalia's career end before she even closes her first case?

Shadow of the Spark (Mythic)

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