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Seven o'Clock Man




Something is preying on the denizens of Skid Row, but when the victims are from the lost side of town, only one of the lost can stop the Seven o’Clock Man. Valentine might look like any homeless person holding any cardboard sign, but he knows the string of murders on LA's Skid Row aren't random and aren't business as usual for the strung out, the addicted, the unbalanced and the destitute living on the streets. And it’s not just any killer hunting in the flophouses, shooting galleries and shantytowns. The Seven o’Clock Man is a legend, preying on the homeless since the first hobos hit the rails in the aftermath of the Civil War. The list of the dead is growing, but who’s going to believe a man like Valentine?

Hit the streets of Downtown Los Angeles in an era when gentrification was just starting to brew, and a new breed of homeless was changing the face of Skid Row. Who is the Seven o’Clock Man, and how can one strung out junkie stop him?

Seven o'Clock Man
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