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Seed Among the Thorns



Young Adult

They were born to bridge the gap between two worlds.

Emerton Pearson and Shaw Lauremont do not have a choice in what their lives will be. There is an order, and no one deviates from that order. Pearsons protect the Gateway and keep the Earth safe from the prison world, Regnum. Lauremonts sacrifice their mortal souls for the sake of restoring balance and leading Regnum’s warfare against the Earth. The obstacle— Emerton, like all Pearsons, is cursed to serve and obey the Lauremonts, Shaw in particular.

However, when Emerton receives the essence of an extremely powerful ancestor, and Shaw witnesses the harsh realities of commanding an army, duty becomes too much to bear, and all they want is the freedom to choose. Shaw’s soul continues to weaken, and Emerton must forgo her own desires and learn to trust the very person who holds her life in his hands.

In desperation, Emerton makes a reckless decision that drastically impacts not only her budding relationship with Shaw but the stability of the two worlds. They both must choose: family and revenge, or freedom and truth?

Seed Among the Thorns

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