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Seducing the Cecaelia Heir




Nothing could ever come from hooking up with a human. What would I do with only four other limbs anyway? This competition for the crown must have me going crazy.

I need to stay focused. My entire life has been devoted to training in my sister's shadow so that one of us will be ready to take over as the next great tentacle queen of our pod. The new queen will be chosen next week and fan favourite or not, I won't to let my twin swipe that future out from under me. I will win the crown no matter what.

But when I put my plan into motion and crash a human party, the last thing I expect is to become entranced by some sexy, four-limbed human woman who stands between me and my ultimate goal.

Could you even imagine giving up a future of queenhood for human?

I hadn't counted on moving cities a few months ago. I also hadn't counted on finding my golden boy boyfriend on the kitchen island under my cook, so here we are in a bougie beach town.

Unfortunately for me, I am not alone. How did the bastard track me down? No idea. But his misguided attempts to win me back are drawing me back into his orbit and I'm afraid I don't have many options with my family's multi-billion dollar reputation on the line.

It isn't until I'm hiding from my ex behind a bar that the most captivating little water-sprite of a woman makes me smile my first genuine smile in ages.

Am I thinking what she's thinking?

*Seducing the Cecaelia Heir is a bisexual tentacle shifter romance. Intended for adult readers only.

Seducing the Cecaelia Heir
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