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Secret to Romance



Short Fiction

Gretchen Goodwin works hard at her job as vice president, which she loves most days. She worked hard to get to her position and would love to share her success with someone. Yet all of her recent dates have been intimidated by her title. If only she could stop fantasying about the up-and-coming star at work.

Carter Harris is known as a good guy. He was raised to believe that right is right, and if you see someone hurt then you help. That’s why when he finds the beautiful redhead hurt laying on the trail in pain he does everything he can to help.

Gretchen is surprised how much Carter is willing to do. There’s only one problem, he doesn’t remember her, or does he? Will an innocent secret and time together bring Gretchen exactly what she wants or will she lose the one guy that is capturing her heart?

Each book is a standalone but look out for other characters making a cameo. No cliffhangers. No cheating.

Business Lovers Series:

Spice of Love (Prequel Short Story available FREE on website)
Shot at Forever (Book 1)
Destination of Desire (Book 2)
Secret to Romance (Book 3)

Secret to Romance

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