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Schooled by the Professor




I'm always the person to do the right thing but when he enters my classroom in lace and heels, temptation outweighs logic. Jamie Being left at the altar leaves me broken and wandering into a gentleman's club. I planned on drowning my sorrows at the bottom of a beer or two, not in the bedsheets of one of the beautiful dancers but something about the way he moves has me nearly saying I do to the wrong person. Taylor I am never one to bring my work home with me but last night I found it hard to resist the sexy man in a tuxedo sitting alone at the bar. I never thought I would regret my decision of a quick fling until that fling winds up being my chemistry professor. When lines cross between teacher and student, will they be able to put it behind them or will they be tempted to cross that line again. Schooled by the Professor is a fun and steamy 40k MM short that involves age gap, that is equally steamy as it is sweet. previously published as Broken Valentine

Schooled by the Professor
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