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Ruthless Royals

Rebecca L.



The City of Nightmares mourns their fallen king and his daughter. Little do they know, Olivia is alive and deep in hiding with Sebastian by her side. With the deadly annicperre guarding the castle, Salenia, the goddess of the underworld, takes the throne.

Astor is the only one who knows Olivia is alive. They thought locking him away would allow them to find a way to destroy Salenia. Until he manages to escape, now it's a matter of time until the malicious goddess hunts her down.

They must move on Salenia before she forms her attack, yet Olivia’s group is divided. Some are ready for battle. Others seek out powerful allies whose loyalties may lie elsewhere.

Back at the castle, Niall learns of Salenia's true agenda: to ensure Olivia stays dead, and to find the lover who betrayed her and his soulmate. The matron of the Underworld locates a ritual that will return her to her original form. To Niall’s horror, he discovers the mortal he cares for is caught in the middle of that ill fate. As the sands of time run out, dark secrets come out that will change the course of destiny… forever.

Read the final book in the Shadow Kissed Series now.

Ruthless Royals

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