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Romance on the Track



Short Fiction

The Women All Stars are here!
First up, Olympic silver medal hundred-meter runner, Ari Jenkins.


Gold is in my sights. Definitely not Jake Campbell, my one-time college crush I never expected to see again. Too bad I tore my hamstring and he happens to be my physical therapist. Those blue-eyes won’t deter me. Two months and I’m back with my team. It doesn’t matter if he is everything a girl could want, including me. I can’t focus on him. Not if I’m going for gold.


Two months? Ari always was an overachiever, but there’s no way she can be ready to race again in that time frame. It’s going to take longer than that, but I will have her ready for the Olympics. Yet as tensions build I’m having a hard time keeping things professional. It’s that smile. Even in college it did things to me. She’s giving it her all, how much is too much? I can’t let my girl down, but I won’t risk her health or our future just for gold.

Romance On the Track is book one in the Women All Stars series. A friends to lovers sports romance that’ll have you cheering for more than just Team USA. Ari and Jake fight their attraction but we all know where that leads.

As always, with Des Lorre’, you can expect no cliffhangers, no cheating, and happy endings.

Women All Stars series:
Romance On the Track (book one)
Keeper of His Heart (book two)
Scoring On the Ice (book three)
Game, Match, Love (book four)

Romance on the Track

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