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Rippling Reflections




Could you survive without your reflection? Delilah Neruda is going to discover whether it is possible.

Don’t swim out past Pine Island.
Never go into the lake after dark.
At the first sign of ripples, seek flotation aid.

A tragic accident at the summer festival leaves the small lakeside town of Devil’s Bay rocked. Delilah and her sister have fought most of their lives to create their reflections.

She is haunted by the event that happened at the festival and the nightmarish creatures lurking in the seaweed, talons reaching for the surface, clawing to recall the reflections.

Long-held secrets will be aired. The Neruda family and townspeople will be pushed to breaking point.

So slide on into a booth order a smooth milkshake and enjoy your first visit to Devil’s Bay.

Shadows are beautifully mystifying things. They play with the light. They offer shelter from the sun during the heat of the day. However, Shadows can also hold power to conceal terrible things within their darkness. Such as adding to haunting issues that have been long cast in the shape of siblings. Children who have struggled for a significant portion of their lives. They were attempting to plant themselves within the sunlight. Both were trying to grow into the people they were destined to become.
These haunted souls live in the bodies of two stubbornly captivating girls called Delilah and Kimberly Neruda, identical twins of indescribable, shadowy beauty of their surroundings and filled with determination and loved by their devoted parents. Mr and Mrs Neruda started to plant their roots firmly in Devil’s Bay. One of those beautiful lakeside towns as depicted in glossy holiday brochures nestled on the shores of a perfect glass lake. Its soft water, kissing at the fine slate sands. They were fringed by luscious, manicured gardens and parks, adding even more picture-perfect appeal.

Rippling Reflections
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