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Restless Dreams of Darkness




Glaice is the demonic consort of the dark goddess known as The Queen. He enjoys a privileged life and is blind to the horrific conditions his lover enforces on the enslaved males of his kind. Seeing them as traitors and a danger to his status, he hunts down the disobedient Brothers and delivers their hearts to his Queen to fuel her dark magic. Arrogant and unruly, he dances with danger every time he defies his Queen.

When his Queen has enough of his capricious nature, she enacts a dire punishment. The devastating personal loss opens his eyes to the cruelty and unjust nature of his mate. As his eyes are opened, everything he thought was true begins to unravel. He discovers a foul plot and the truth behind his Goddess. Caught in an ancient war between deities, will Glaice oppose his Queen and save his people? Or will he doom them all with his thirst for vengeance?

Restless Dreams of Darkness is a Dark Fantasy novel with mature horror themes told through the eyes of a villain.

Restless Dreams of Darkness
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