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Remembering June

Nadia M.



There is nothing that the Harris sisters can't do together. That includes burying their mother in her favorite month of June, and facing the father that abandoned them 20 years ago. But individually...Serena is the baby, but she is far from spoiled. Disenchanted with her life and job, a date with a peach cobbler and a blast from her relationship past put her in the direct line of her forward motion. Cynthia is a bit older, but not so much wiser. With mounting debt and an affinity for bedding men, an inopportune meeting with the most unlikely of characters brings about the most unlikely change in her. Andra did everything by the book. She went to college, built a successful career in freelance journalism, and up until year six of her marriage she had it all figured out. But then she had an affair and got pregnant. Now she is left to wonder "Who's the daddy?" and "Will my marriage survive?" When the fairytale begins to crumble around her will she climb back to the top, or get buried in the rubble? Clair is the oldest, and in many ways she has walked in her sisters shoes at one point or another. Now she is on a new path. After handing her life over to God, and several failed attempts at celibacy, she finally meets the man of her dreams. But will secrets threaten her new relationship, and her place in the family? Remembering June is a story of family, dysfunction, fatherless daughters, forgiveness, and starting over. At its heart it is a story about catching the curveballs of life without a catcher's mitt.

Remembering June

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