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Reaper (Book 2 in the Riser Saga)

Becca C.


Young Adult
Science Fiction

Reaper is the second book in the best selling teen series The Riser Saga.

It’s only been two months since Chelsan’s first traumatic ordeal, but the drama never ends in her life, including constant fighting between her best friend Bill and her boyfriend Ryan, becoming allies with her worst enemy, and having to deal with her grandparents (which is saying a lot since they’re always trying to kill her!).

But all of these things are going to seem pretty minor when Chelsan discovers a plot so horrifying, so terrifying, that it may destroy the world. She will have to learn more about her power to raise and control the dead so she can stop the evil that threatens everything she’s ever cared about.

Reaper (Book 2 in the Riser Saga)

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