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Piker's Retribution

Amanda N.



Those you try to keep at arm’s length might be the ones who will stand with you until the bitter end.

Tyra Nygard has hated non-magic wielders ever since the Republic’s Army killed her adoptive father eight years ago. Consumed by grief and terrified of disrespecting her father’s memory, she lashes out at anyone with a connection to the Republic. Slaves, Bitzers, it doesn’t matter. When one Bitzer in particular isn’t dissuaded by her anger and offers to help her find closure, Tyra can’t help but grow closer to him than she ever thought she would’ve wanted to. But, as a Republic threat encroaches on a magic wielder settlement far to the west, Tyra must decide what closure and justice really mean. Will she let her quest for retribution consume her and potentially destroy everyone she cares about, or is there another path to acceptance?

Tejal has spent her whole life struggling to survive. Born into a slave camp, she’s never known true kindness, only fear. But, when she finds herself bought by a group of magic wielders who have allied themselves to the infamous dark magic wielder group known as the Dingoes, she’s thrown into a new level of uncertainty. It doesn’t help that the man who chooses her as a “personal slave” seems to have an aura of darkness surrounding him worse than any owner she’s ever had before, but he claims she can trust him. Can Tejal really trust this man when every other master has sought to harm her, or will her connection to him leave her wishing she was six feet under?

Piker's Retribution
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