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Beware winter’s wrath…

On a mission to cleanse the forest of evil, the Templars of Aderaan expected to find a handful of zombies, ghouls and spirits. Instead they find a legion of Night Creatures, undead creatures tired of being oppressed as monsters. In a bid for independence they have raised a king with overwhelming power.

Niyx is a vampire with the magic to control winter and with an affinity for dragons. He will do anything to defend his people. When the zealots drive him from his forest home he goes to Aderaan to seek the answers with the help of his identical twin, Onyx.

Onyx is a vampire assassin masquerading as an elven noble within Aderaan. As he helps Niyx unravel the secrets behind the attack they discover a horrifying secret that threatens to destroy their entire world.

Determined to protect their stolen power, the elves of Aderaan refuse to submit to Niyx’s demands. Niyx will stop at nothing to protect his people. As ancient magic collides will their world survive or will it be buried beneath endless winter?

Niyx is a dark fantasy adventure featuring vampires, dragons, assassins, and elves. Includes LGBTQ relationships and polyamorous relationships.

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