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Never Kiss the Dead



Young Adult

Two years ago, Mercy Manning was the sole survivor of a car crash that killed her parents. The officials called it a horrible accident. Mercy knew the truth. She saw the demon attack. Now 18, Mercy spends her days and nights staring at walls in Southern Psychiatric Hospital, willing the visions of all things terrible and supernatural out of her mind.

When the new nurse with the beautiful dark eyes introduces himself as Sumner, Mercy thinks he’s nice enough and definitely sexy as Hell... until Sumner attacks.

The last thing Mercy see are Sumner’s dark eyes turning red.

When she wakes, another man is in her room. Someone who claims to be an angel named Ramsey. Someone or something is killing guardian angels one by one. A single angel must now protect thousands of people, and thanks to orders from his superiors and the demons’ intrigue with Mercy, Ramsey gets to protect her—constantly—much to his agitation.

Caught between a war between good and evil, sexy demon vs hot angel, will Mercy be able to fight her feelings as she fights for her life, or will the demons, including Sumner, use her very specific “gift” for their own benefit?

Never Kiss the Dead
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