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Moonlight Walkers



Middle Grade

The Blackheart dragons have returned.

As a young Moonlight Walker wolf, Sakura bristles at the tight leash her family insists on keeping her on. She yearns to join the pack and run under the glow of silvery moonlight. Still for reasons no one will explain to her, she’s forced to remain within the boundaries of the secluded forest she calls home.

All that changes when the ruthless Blackheart dragons invade, incinerating their peaceful forest and kidnapping members of her pack. Courage put to the test, Sakura begins a perilous quest to save her family.

Yet beyond the forest, not all is what it seems. Loyalties are tested. Enemies become allies. A destiny is revealed that pits the Wolf King against the Dragon King to claim the ultimate prize—for the Blackhearts will stop at nothing to reign over her world. Murder, treachery and deceit are nothing to them.

As the drums of war sound, can one wolf save the lives of many? Or will Sakura’s fate be decided by those eager to destroy her?

Moonlight Walkers
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