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For readers who love LEE CHILD and STIEG LARSSON — here’s the FINAL BOOK in The Corey Logan Trilogy by Amazon #1 Bestseller Burt Weissbourd. Teenage Sara has constructed an entire mythological universe founded in Greek Mythology, an alternative reality where she lives with a terrible secret. Abe must make Sara’s intense inner life understandable and finally infuse it with present day meaning. Readers will be astonished by the horrible buried secret that Abe and Sara discover together.

Minos, the third work in the Corey Logan Trilogy, derives from the mythical king of Crete who every lunar year condemns seven Athenian youths and seven maidens to be eaten by the ferocious Minotaur. Minos begins at the Olympic Academy, where Billy's friend Sara has just carved a magic circle in the hardwood bathroom floor with an ancient double-edged dagger. She twirls inside her circle calling on the Oracle of Apollo to help her find a modern-day Theseus, the reincarnation of Athens' hero of all heroes” who slew the Minotaur. Lost in her magical dance, she knocks over a candle, sets fire to the curtains, and is suspended from school. She is sent to Abe for treatment. Abe discovers that Sara has patched together an entire mythological universe and language with which she tries to make him see that lives are at stake. It is not easy to convince the authorities. But Corey knows that young people are indeed being murdered, and soon Sara's dire warnings begin to make sense. But who is the modern-day descendant of Minos? The key is inside Sara's head.

BEFORE YOU READ: ‘Minos’ is a full-length thriller for mature audiences with adult content including sex, abduction, and violence. It is Book 3 of 3 in The Corey Logan Trilogy.

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