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Love and Family




Samantha Matthews is a single parent with a strong-willed child and no room for love in her life.

Samantha has recently taken over running the candy shop in Rockway Beach which has been a steep learning curve for this single parent in a small beach town. Her daughter, Riley is almost as stubborn as her mother and just as passionate about everything.
One day she is running late, as usual, to open up her shop and she meets a new stranger in town in the most awkward of ways. The school's principal has also started showing her attention and possibly flirting with her. All Samantha wants to do in life is to succeed in her job and be an excellent parent since Riley's dad was never in the picture.

Can this headstrong woman recognize love when it enters her life? Love and Family is a short and sweet, clean romance about finding love again and opening your heart up for the possibility of a happy ever after.

Love and Family

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