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Lore and Lust: The Vanishing




"I found myself reading slowly so that I prolong the time with these beautiful characters. I loved, loved, LOVED IT! The plot is so elegant, writing is fluid and emotional, and I can't wait to read more of Karla's stories." ★★★★★

Nearly two centuries ago, hundreds of purebred vampires disappeared without any explanation—vanished like mist swept away in the breeze. Nino Bianchi and Haruka Hirano are mated purebred vampires: madly in love and exploring the depths of their young bond. But an unexpected event brings their cozy lives to a screeching halt. A new vanishing, much too close to home. The world of Lore and Lust stretches deeper with more romance, mystery, love and trust. A queer vampire love story full of heart and delicious heat.

Lore and Lust: The Vanishing

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