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Live Again: Bex and Rhys




Forty-two-year-old Rebecca Cleaver has lost her fire. Actually, she lost it seven years ago when she lost her beloved husband, Jack. Tall, handsome, black-eyed, dirty-talking, Jack. With his sweet smile and sharp wit, Jack was the man of her dreams. Her grief over losing him, combined with her deteriorating physical and mental health, led her to shrink her life down to pocket-sized dimensions. After seven long years without him, Rebecca is waking up to the world around her and realizes she's been living little more than a half-life. She's ready to make a change.
She creates a bucket list that paves a path straight to a big, kind, sexy contractor named Rhys. Rhys thrills her and terrifies her in equal measure. For Rhys, there is no ambiguity. He is completely enthralled with Rebecca, and keen to make himself an integral part of the changes she is making.
Unfortunately for Rhys, finding a man is not on Rebecca's bucket list. Fortunately for Rebecca, Rhys is good at editing.
Is Rebecca willing to let go of the past and live again?

Live Again: Bex and Rhys
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